Artist Management

Real Arts approaches artist management in terms of mentoring and teamwork, working closely with an artist to create touring and project opportunities that are driven by their artistic vision.

The aim is for an artist to ultimately be empowered to continue on their own, utilising the contacts and experiences gained, and applies regardless of whether the emphasis is on booking, or helping an artist to co-produce in terms of handling funding applications and securing and working together with the best possible partners for a particular project to “make it happen”.

A special emphasis of Real Arts’ work is on the international contemporary music scene, interdisciplinary projects and listening for what is not being heard within traditional existing structures of today’s music scene. We are committed to the ongoing learning and dialogue that is necessary to help create meaningful change.

The Australian arts scene draws influence from a certain cultural proximity to Europe on the one hand in the traditions it draws on, and a vital distance on the other, which is enriched by the vastness of its nature and indigenous history and the richness of its multiculturalism. It is producing artists of excellence with a fresh outlook and unique ideas, and audiences that are curious about the unexpected. Reflections upon questions of relevance, identity and integrity continue to drive creative concepts that speak to audiences around the world.